Comprehensive table of characters

Both_32.png My characters on EU-Дракономор (Fordragon), EU-Борейская тундра (Borean Tundra) and EU-Азурегос (Azuregos)Both_32.png

No. Portrait Faction Name Level Race Class Spec Ilvl Professions Guild Realm Armory
1 Valoriel_64.jpg Horde_32.png Valoriel Dawneye 100 Blood Elf mage.png mage_frost.png 704 prof_enchanting.png prof_tailoring.png Black Roses EU-Fordragon link
2 Eldarin_64.jpg Horde_32.png Eldarin Sunchaser 100 Blood Elf paladin.png paladin_retribution.png 704 prof_mining.png prof_blacksmithing.png Thalassian Valour EU-Borean Tundra link
3 Vaeline_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Patricia Valine 100 Human warrior.png warrior_protection.png 701 prof_mining.png prof_blacksmithing.png Daelin Was Right EU-Fordragon link
4 Vaximillian_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Vaximillian Bethelgeuser 100 Human warrior.png warrior_arms.png 699 prof_mining.png prof_blacksmithing.png Daelin Was Right EU-Fordragon link
5 Vanadia_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Vanadia Pureblossom 100 Night Elf hunter.png hunter_marksmanship.png 698 prof_enchanting.png prof_tailoring.png Daelin Was Right EU-Fordragon link
6 Josanne_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Josanne Efretti 100 Human warlock.png warlock_affliction.png 692 prof_mining.png prof_engineering.png Stromgarde Regiment EU-Borean Tundra link
7 Villeneuve_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Pierre-Simon Villeneuve 100 Human hunter.png hunter_marksmanship.png 697 prof_herbalism.png prof_inscription.png Daelin Was Right EU-Fordragon link
8 Valadria_64.jpg Horde_32.png Valadria Morningchild 100 Blood Elf priest.png priest_shadow.png 690 prof_herbalism.png prof_inscription.png Striders' Honour EU-Fordragon link
9 Vellinde_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Vellinde 100 Draenei priest.png priest_discipline.png 708 prof_mining.png prof_jewelcrafting.png Daelin Was Right EU-Fordragon link
10 Merrimack_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Benjamin Merrimack 100 Human mage.png mage_fire.png 691 prof_enchanting.png prof_tailoring.png Stromgarde Regiment EU-Borean Tundra link
11 Vanais_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Vanaïs 100 Draenei Mage mage_arcane.png 692 prof_herbalism.png prof_alchemy.png Daelin Was Right EU-Fordragon link
12 Veranella_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Veranella Nightcowl 100 Night Elf rogue.png rogue_subtlety.png 692 prof_skinning.png prof_leatherworking.png Daelin Was Right EU-Fordragon link
13 Valphstan_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Valphstan Copperbeard 100 Dwarf paladin.png paladin_protection.png 691 prof_mining.png prof_engineering.png Daelin Was Right EU-Fordragon link
14 Mariella_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Maria “Mariella” Llanos 100 Human hunter.png hunter_beastmastery.png 692 prof_herbalism.png prof_inscription.png Stromgarde Regiment EU-Borean Tundra link
15 Xyree_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Xyree 100 Draenei paladin.png paladin_holy.png 715 prof_mining.png prof_jewelcrafting.png Stromgarde Regiment EU-Borean Tundra link
16 Krohnan_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Krohnan son of Karryn 100 Human warrior.png warrior_arms.png 672 prof_mining.png prof_blacksmithing.png Stromgarde Regiment EU-Borean Tundra link
17 Velonara_64.jpg Horde_32.png Velonara Duskwing 100 Blood Elf warlock.png warlock_demonology.png 691 prof_herbalism.png prof_alchemy.png Striders' Honour EU-Fordragon link
18 Lyonis_64.jpg Horde_32.png Lyonis Snapdragon 92 Blood Elf warrior.png warrior_protection.png n/a prof_herbalism.png prof_inscription.png Thalassian Valour EU-Borean Tundra link
19 Elyenor_64.jpg Horde_32.png Elyenor Dawneye 81 Blood Elf priest.png priest_holy.png n/a prof_enchanting.png prof_tailoring.png Thalassian Valour EU-Borean Tundra link
20 Adelheyde_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Adelheyde Dargrym 71 Dwarf warlock.png warlock_destruction.png n/a prof_herbalism.png prof_alchemy.png Stromgarde Regiment EU-Fordragon link
21 Alyadi_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Francesca Alyadi 70 Human rogue.png rogue_assassination.png n/a prof_skinning.png prof_leatherworking.png Stromgarde Regiment EU-Borean Tundra link
22 Cristobal_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Cristobal Junta 68 Human rogue.png rogue_combat.png n/a prof_mining.png prof_engineering.png The Dead Mines EU-Azuregos link
23 Ilyadore_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Ilyadore Firstleaf 64 Night Elf druid.png druid_feral.png n/a prof_skinning.png prof_leatherworking.png Orderly Chaos EU-Azuregos link
24 Leoriana_64.jpg Horde_32.png Leoriana Scarletglow 61 Blood Elf mage.png mage_fire.png n/a prof_herbalism.png prof_alchemy.png Thalassian Valour EU-Borean Tundra link
25 Clementisse_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Clementisse Desantos 60 Human mage.png mage_frost.png n/a prof_enchanting.png prof_tailoring.png Breath of Storm EU-Azuregos link
26 Vicentes_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Helene Vicentes 60 Human priest.png priest_discipline.png n/a prof_herbalism.png prof_alchemy.png Lords of Azeroth EU-Azuregos link
28 Cutwright_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Jonathan Cutwright 60 Human paladin.png paladin_retribution.png n/a prof_mining.png prof_blacksmithing.png Orderly Chaos EU-Azuregos link
33 Blackquill_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Simon Blackquill 57 Worgen warrior.png warrior_fury.png n/a n/a Crazy Muffins EU-Azuregos link
27 Meeryne_64.jpg Horde_32.png Meeryne Swiftblade 53 Blood Elf mage.png mage_arcane.png n/a prof_enchanting.png prof_tailoring.png The Die is Cast EU-Azuregos link
29 Chayaleen_64.jpg Horde_32.png Chayaleen Whitecloud 41 Tauren druid.png druid_balance.png n/a prof_herbalism.png prof_inscription.png Fire Cult EU-Azuregos link
30 Leyrinia_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Leyrinia Winterdew 41 Night Elf hunter.png hunter_beastmastery.png n/a prof_herbalism.png prof_inscription.png Juicy Peaches EU-Azuregos link
31 Astrilien_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Astrilien Lonestar 24 Night Elf priest.png priest_holy.png n/a n/a Celestial Arrows EU-Azuregos link
32 Castillon_64.jpg Alliance_32.png Casimir Castillon 20 Human priest.png priest_discipline.png n/a prof_herbalism.png prof_inscription.png Black Lotus EU-Azuregos link
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